X-treme Fear...

in the woods...in the dark...


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Bring $20 and all your X-treme friends, (you're gonna need them)

Join us on November 1st & 2nd for a night of

x-treme blackout

X-treme Fear goes X-tremely dark! We turn the lights out and you are left to find your way through the forest with only a tiny flashlight. No lighted pathway, no stobe lights, no guide, no way of knowing what is ahead. Don't drop your flashlight because that will be your only hope of making it out...and it's your token to keep if your brave enough to make it through. How X-tremely brave are you? Ticket are $25 - Purchse ONLINE Now!

The Last Ride Burial Simulator

This is how it works...you climb up and lay down inside the coffin, and then we slam the lid in your face. And there, in total darkness, you will experience what it's like to be burried alive! You will hear the voices of the grave diggers as they prepare you for your final destination! You will feel, hear, smell and experience every second of being loaded into the hearse, driven to the cemetary, and finally dropped into a dark hole 6ft under where you are meant to spend what is left of your life. And because you are in total darkness your senses will be on full alert! Then you'll lay there in the chilling blackness and listen to the sound of dirt being thrown on top of you as you're buried alive! But don't think you are completely alone...the spiders and worms love the safe home of a pine box.

Don't be afraid though...it's only make-believe... or is it? $5 lets you find out!

A night vision camera inside the coffin lets your friends witness the horror on your face as you take your LAST RIDE

You got X-treme questions? call 336 621-1281

X-treme Fear - 4220 Yanceyville Road - Browns Summit, NC 27214


Purchase Tickets ONLINE Now!

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